Mikhail Sisin

1969–1975 — General Director of Salavat Petrochemical Complex

Сисин Михаил Федорович

1969–1971 — Head of Salavat Petrochemical Complex.

1971–1972 — Head of Salavat Lenin Order Petrochemical Complex.

1972–1975 — General Director of Salavat Lenin Order Petrochemical Complex named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR.

From 1969 until 1975, the production facilities of ammonia, urea, ethylene oxide, elemental sulphur and polystyrene were expanded. New oil refining plants were put into operation. The production of space rocket propellant was mastered.

Michael F. Sisin passed Master’s thesis and Ph. D. defense.

Doctor of Engineering Science.

Michael F. Sisin was awarded the Badge of Honor Order (1963), the Order of Lenin (1971), the Medal for Labour Valour (1971) for his contribution to the development of the Industrial Complex.

His work experience at the Industrial Complex was 20 years (1955–1975).