Today the company’s policy is the implementation of a large-scale investing program. The objective is the construction of new production facilities and modernization of operating ones based on up-to-date and environmentally friendly processes.

Construction of Catalytic Cracking Unit. July 2016

Construction of Catalytic Cracking Unit. July 2016

The Company has accepted the Development Strategy up to 2020. The main conclusions are:

  • the Company will seek to expand existing petrochemical facilities implementing the projects for new units construction and revamping the Oil Refinery;
  • regarding production of mineral fertilizers, the main emphasis is made on production modernization to increase the products quality and output.

Implementation of all the projects will allow to:

  • strengthen the company’s position in the industry sector;
  • replace the worn-out and out-of-date facilities by new modern highly effective and competitive ones, thereby to ensure the development of industrial production in the region complying with ecological safety regulations and energy saving requirements;
  • enter the new export and federal markets with the new competitive products;
  • ensure the creation of new workplaces (about 2000 new workplaces).

Current projects:

  • Acrylic Acid and Acrylates Complex
  • Catalytic Cracking Complex
  • construction of Combined Cycle Power Plant PGU-410T with the capacity of 410 MW
  • Sulphuric and Alkaline Waste Treatment Unit
  • renovation of waste treatment facilities