Today the company’s policy is the implementation of a large-scale investing program. The objective is the construction of new production facilities and modernization of operating ones based on up-to-date and environmentally friendly processes.

Construction of Catalytic Cracking Unit. July 2016

Construction of Catalytic Cracking Unit. July 2016

The Company has accepted the Development Strategy. The main conclusions are:

  • the Company will seek to expand existing petrochemical facilities implementing the projects for new units construction and revamping the Oil Refinery;
  • regarding production of mineral fertilizers, the main emphasis is made on production modernization to increase the products quality and output.

Implementation of all the projects will allow to:

  • strengthen the company’s position in the industry sector;
  • replace the worn-out and out-of-date facilities by new modern highly effective and competitive ones, thereby to ensure the development of industrial production in the region complying with ecological safety regulations and energy saving requirements;
  • enter the new export and federal markets with the new competitive products;
  • ensure the creation of new workplaces (about 2000 new workplaces).

Completed projects:

  • Acrylic Acid and Acrylates Complex
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant PGU-410T
  • Unit of Isomerization of pentane-hexane cut
  • Automated On-Spot Loading Unit for oil products
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Unit (PSA)
  • Catalytic Cracking Complex
  • Hydrogen Production Unit

Projects in the implementation phase:

  • Sulfur-Alkaline Waste Water Neutralization Unit
  • Industrial Sulphur Plant
  • Reconstruction of the Sewage Treatment Facilities