Quality policy

The goal of the Company’s management in the area of quality is to continually improve the Company’s economic conditions and raise the well-being of its employees through the manufacture of competitive high-quality products meeting the requirements and expectations of the consumers.

Laboratory and Analytical Department. Product quality inspection

Laboratory and Analytical Department. Product quality inspection

In order to implement the Quality Policy in the quality area the Company’s management undertakes:

  • To ensure effective functioning and updating of the Company’s Quality Management System in compliance with MS ISO 9001 and GOST R ISO 9001 requirements.
  • To regard the demands of the Consumers as the basis of activity and be prepared to meet their expectations.
  • To strive for expanding the sales markets by means of identification of new needs through the marketing research and the manufacture of new products.
  • To ensure the product quality and compliance with the demands of the consumers at all life-cycle stages.
  • To modernize the production processes.
  • To use the process approach in activity and resources management to reach the desired result.
  • To improve the transparency and quality of process control for the purpose of process monitoring and evaluation.
  • To build relationships with the suppliers on the basis of mutual understanding and cooperation based on the evaluation of their possibilities with regard to the quality of their products/services. Recognizing the importance of mutually beneficial cooperation to strive for developing a long-term partnership with the suppliers.
  • To make decisions based on the data analysis and unbiased and true information.
  • To provide systematic advanced training and upgrade skills of its personnel.
  • To motivate the entire personnel in order to provide, control and improve the quality.
  • To allocate the necessary resources for the performance and continuous improvement of the product quality management system.

The Company’s management recognizes the importance of the Quality Policy implementation and sees its task in creating the labour conditions ensuring the conscious involvement of the Company’s employees into the quality management process.