Gazprom neftekhim Salavat

News and events

  • The year 2022 was marked by the following key achievements of Gazprom neftekhim Salavat in the production activity: an increase in motor gasoline, diesel fuel and polymers output; a historical peak in terms of the light products yield.

    Results of 2022
  • Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat eliminated manual calculation for cartograms of self-supporting parameters by introducing data transfer into the company's PI System.

    Project for automated data transfer is implemented
  • A rotor for TG-5 turbine generator, which is the main part of the steam turbine, has been installed at Novo-Salavatskaya TEC (Novo-Salavatskaya heat and power plant)

    Renovation at Novo-Salavatskaya TEC
  • Hydrogen-bearing gas (HBG) has been given new life at the Refinery. It is returned to the operation process instead of being burnt in the furnaces of the production units.

  • The first stage of the propane-propylene fraction (PPF) transfer scheme from Catalytic Cracking Complex of the Refinery's Shop No. 4 to butyl alcohols production of Shop No. 52 was completed.

    A New Scheme Is Being Implemented