Implementation of new steam supply project

Gazprom neftekhim Salavat is implementing the project to provide effectively the existing and new facilities of the company (including Acrylic Acid Production Unit) with superheated steam.

The Company is implementing the project for steam supply of its own plants

The Company is implementing the project for steam supply of its own plants

The project provides for installation of a new superheated steam header (35 ata) on site of the Company, routing the pipe racks from the steam distribution system of Novo-Salavatskaya TEC, installation of a new fast steam converting cooling unit BROU-140/35 which will become a backup steam source in case of emergency situations and the main one during commissioning of Acryl Salavat.

Steam supply pipe lines at Acrylic Acid Production Unit

Steam supply pipe lines at Acrylic Acid Production Unit

Installation of BROU-140/35 and other support equipment has been completed. Different tests have been conducted and the performance test run has been started in accordance with the approved procedure.

Employees of Novo-Salavatskaya TEC and Administration Department of Engineering and Technical Center SNKhRS were engaged in commissioning. SGNKhP Design Institute was responsible for development of design documents.

Specialists of Sevzapvnipienergoprom (Design Institute providing the development of projects for heat and energy supply facilities) were involved as experts.

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