Pure hydrogen

Test run of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit took place at Gazprom neftekhim Salavat.

PSA unit feed capacity equals 42 thousand cubic meters per hour.

PSA unit feed capacity equals 42 thousand cubic meters per hour.

Basic figures have been achieved at a new unit of pressure swing adsorption. The test run resulted in the expected high purity of hydrogen, which is 99.9%.

The PSA unit is designed to treat hydrogen-bearing gas that is produced by several units of the Refinery and the Monomer Plant. 10 adsorbers form the core of the PSA unit. Hydrogen-bearing gas flows are sent through them and treated from impurities. The output provides 99.9% hydrogen.

Pressure swing adsorption process allows producing pure hydrogen for industrial purposes.

Pressure swing adsorption process allows producing pure hydrogen for industrial purposes.

The PSA unit makes it possible to raise production of fuels, complying with the highest Euro-5 ecological class. High purity hydrogen simplifies hydrogenation processes in such secondary oil processing units as a hydrotreatment one. Initially, when the feed was refined by low purity hydrogen at GO-2, GO-3, GO-4, L-16 hydrotreatment units, the process temperature was required to be increased. This forced the rate of side reactions and boosted the quantity of byproducts.

PSA unit fully automated

PSA unit fully automated

— Once the PSA unit will be put into operation, the situation will change: diesel fuel and gasoline flowrates will increase, the plant will save energy resources by excluding or reducing the refining of byproducts, the cycle length and activity of catalysts will enhance, — Rustem Galiev, Director for Investments and Capital Construction, notes.

Environmental advantages will be significant. Whereas the exhaust gas used to be vented and discharged to flare, now the spent hydrogen-bearing gas will be collected in the PSA unit and sent back to process at the Refinery. The remaining dry gas will be forwarded to the fuel network of the plant that will allow reducing natural gas consumption.

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