New Equipment for Catcracking Complex

Catcracking Complex construction is underway at the Oil Refinery. The main fractionating column К-1201 of more than 80 tons in overall weight has been transported to the construction site. It is designed for cracked products separation into wet gas, gasoline, light gasoil and heavy residue.

New equipment for catcracking complex

New equipment for catcracking complex

Besides, a spent catalyst hopper Е-1102 of 260 m3 in volume has been transported to the site. At present, preparatory works for the installation of a flare stack and two columns (the main fractionating column К-1201 and К-1205 column, a debutanizer where a propane-butane fraction will be separated from gasoline fraction) are being carried out at the construction site.

The new catcracking complex is designed for vacuum gasoil conversion from ELOU AVT-6 and ELOU AVT-4 units. As a result, a high-octane number component of commercial gasolines meeting the technical regulations requirements will be obtained. The complex will comprise fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit, a gasoline selective hydrotreating unit and a flare stack, liquefied hydrocarbons tank farm and a circulating water unit.

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